The return…

So it’s been a while since i actually wrote something on here.. in actual whole sentences. I seem to have trailed off with piccies and vids and then stopped. It’s not that there’s nothing to report it’s just, i guess, that i’ve been too tired to write it down! I’ve been poorly sick. Last weekend very poorly sick. When I went to the Drs on Monday she told me that it looked to be glandular fever but she also gave me some antibiotics just in case. At that point I couldn’t actually swallow. I had about a gap between either side of my throat and the only thing i could get through it was liquid and that hurt like a bugger! I had pretty much slept all weekend and had lost the ability to speak properly too. Matt, god love him, was a saint all weekend and even took a days sick leave to look after me and get me to the doctors on Monday. (Extra brownie points for him there!) I ended up cancelling all of my appointments for the week 🙁 and have tried to concentrate on getting better. The Dr told me to come back on Wednesday.

I did and my throat was feeling much better. I’d even managed to eat whole foods and could swallow a paracetamol without smashing it into a tiny pieces (RESULT!) At this point she told me she must have been wrong and I must have had a very severe bacterial infection of some kind that was posing as glandular fever. That’s fine by me! Glandular fever can take months to get over properly and I can’t afford that!

I’ve finished my antibiotics now, and, apart from more sleepy than i do usually i’m ok. All is well. It’s a flipping good job too because Matt’s mate Dave and his wife Naomi arrived from the UK on Wednesday night. We’ve been to see kangaroos and eaten in restaurants; all of which takes energy that was in short supply pre antibiotics. I think they had a nice time though. They’ve jetted off to Sydney now.
SO.. hopefully, i should be able to blog as usual and bore you all to tears 😉 Hope you’re having a great weekend.


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  1. Ann 9 years ago

    So glad you’re feeling better. Glad it wasn’t the dreaded glandular fever too, that’s tedious!! Will phone tomorrow.

  2. Mummy Cow 9 years ago

    So glad it’s not GF. Take care and get MUCH better VERY soon!

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  4. Tina, Matt and Ethan 9 years ago

    Glad you feel much better and that it was’nt glandular fever. Love to you all from The Haynes family.xxxx


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