The three wise men must have stolen my tooth

This week was going along quite nicely until i went for my consultant appointment with the Oral Surgeon on Tuesday.  Wanting to avoid not being able to eat solids over the christmas period I asked if he could fit me in sooner rather than later.   I wasn’t quite expecting him to say “sure.. I’ll shove you on the end of my list for Friday.”  So, here I am less than 48 hours later minus the one wisdom tooth I owned.  Instead I have a sore throat and a chesty cough caused by the tube the put down my throat for the general atheistic and a stitched up gum (ouchy) I should be fully recovered and ready to roll for Christmas though 🙂

We’ve also put up our Christmas decorations.  After bug bombing the shed to make sure we didn’t transfer and 8 legged beasts into the house with the baubles (we’ve had quite enough of those already thanks!) the tree, tinsel and all other shin/sparkly Christmassy bits are up.  I think Matt wanted to cheer me up!  🙂  I do like Christmas! 🙂  Nearly all of the present buying is done and posted.  Most of you will have had your Christmas cards already and some of you will receive yours in a parcel with presents 🙂 Keep and eye out for that posty van and try not to get too confused if a nondescript parcel arrives from amazon and you don’t remember ordering anything… That’ll be Matt forgetting to let you know that you shouldn’t open that until Christmas day.. lol

Despite being invited out for Christmas dinner, Matt is determined to have his own turkey. I’m leaving it to him to order it!  He’ll be eating turkey fo r a fortnight as he’s the only one who eats meat in this house (unless you count the cats). How are your christmas preparations going?




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  1. N8Girl 8 years ago

    Beautiful tree! Blue lights seem very popular this year 🙂 We have bought a few extra bits to decorate Chez Ruthven with this year but nothing is going up until 17th December, it’s too early just yet!

    Do hope you’re feeling better, sending lots of love xxx

  2. Terenaclarke 8 years ago

    Love the tree, it looks brilliant. Nearly done here as well, tree is up nearly all the presents bought now – but I wish we were over there with you. This time last year we were in Singapore and then with you. Lots of adverts on the tv at the moment for Oz and we keep saying go on then rub it in!


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