The Truth is out….

Reactions so far:
[Intake of breath from entire form with heads and necks all springing backwards at the same time in shock.]

“Come on miss it’s not April the first for months yet”

“ARGHHH!” {hugging} “No!” {Hug} “oh another one! {Hug}

“Where are you going miss?”
“Shennly Court”
“oh my god! Why? You’ll get bullied!”


“NO! That’s it, we’ll start a petition outside Mr Foley’s office. No English until Miss Clarke is back”

“Oh right. OK Miss.”

“Don’t go miss”

Whilst leaving the room at the end of the lesson cleverest kid in my Year 8 Class:{audibly} “Well i know that we’ll never have a teacher as good as Miss Clarke” {Lowering voice} “Just say the right thing and keep walking”


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