The ultimate in Classroom disruption

Are you looking for a tool that will provide all of the classic disruptive behaviour from your pupils that you could ever desire? Do you need fast results? With a long lasting effect?
Tired of having your class settled for longer than the 20min starter activity?

Well your search has ended, Never again need you fear the quiet calm of a hard working set of students. The silence, concentration and learning that you have tolerated for so long can be obliterated in a matter of minutes.

“How much does this solution cost?” I hear you cry. The answer my friend” Is blowing in the wind” and straight through the classroom window….

Only available for the next few weeks.

“Amazing! The pupils were tumbling out of their seats in no time!”

“It flew in, buzzed around in confusion and left a massive wake of devastation. Chairs turned over, children cowering, screaming and yelling “its in your hair!” “

“It roused the biggest lunatics quickly and effectively. They were up in minutes swiping the air (and anyone who got in the way ) with any thing close; Pencil cases, planner, chairs they all proved to be very effective!”

If the chaos becomes tedious then simply usher the waspomatic2005 out of the window.

WARNING the waspomatic2005 has been known to cause the following side effects;
a very annoyed teaching assistant
A stung pupil or two
Mass hysteria which can only be solved by the involvement of the management team.
If these problems occur it is advisable to keep all windows and doors sealed shut until it’s really really cold!


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