The week that was….

So the light is fixed now (The landlord just bought a bigger light to cover the hole in the ceiling and patched up the hole in the roof). We once more have a light to use in the loo and all is well.

This week has also seen the sale of two important items: The motorbike and the Keyboard. If you look at the blog from this time last year you will see a picture of the beloved bug and a sad face announcing its placement on Ebay. Well it’s a case of Dejavu now as we do exactly the same thing this end. The motorbike and keyboard are gone. We just have to sell the car and find a new tenant for the house. Its all go, with only 4.5 weeks left in the land down under. The next time I complain about a 7 weeks half term feeling long I give you permission to slap me. It really is no time at all! πŸ˜‰

This weekend has been pretty eventful though. On Saturday we had to go to the Marion Shopping center to see Natalie Blair and Sam Clark. Two very important people who I am sure you all know the names of??? NO?? You do know them I assure you…
Here they are…That’s right Carmella and Ringo πŸ™‚ Thank fully for Matt the food court was just above them so he went to feed his face whilst I took pictures! lol
I didn’t cue for an autograph, the line was very, very long! I did feel sorry for them though as they had to sit and sign their name repeatedly over and over for nearly 2 hours! Poor chickens and I bet they were put straight back on a plane to Melbourne afterwards.

We walked past Natalie Blair as she left the Mall. Well at least Matt says we did. I didn’t even notice! fun fun fun

We also got invited out last night to a dinner party. Woo hoo! WE LEAVE in 4.5 weeks but we’re getting there! lol. Never mind! It was very kind of the host to invite us and we had a really nice time. I was amused to discover the reason why Aussie’s don’t know LOFs name. To them it sounds like Mutt which apparently (in there culture is a dysfunctional donkey) so they are surprised. It’s all to do with the manner in which vowels are pronounced in the English and Australian accents apparently. We need to get LOF to change the middle letter to and E and they should know what he’s called lol.

This morning we went out to a Bridal Expo too. A very small one but it was handy. I managed to convince one of the photographic stands to let us video the Photo album style that we’re after. it’s like a “photobook” and the photos are printed on to glossy car so it looks like a really heavy magazine. It’s ace and we like the style very much. I have failed on numerous occasions to explain this to mum so here’s a video of what they look like. πŸ™‚


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