There’s a mouse in my house…

Actually there have been 7 now….

Say Cheese!

I’ve mentioned the mouse situation a few times now.  We’ve invested in a humane trap and have no transplanted 7 mice from the building and out into the reserve (no there are no lions and tigers… they’re found only in Kenya).

There have been a few strange incidents involving these small squeakers!  Yesterday i was sat on the sofa watching The Simpsons ( during which they did an awesome version of Hamlet) when suddenly a little, brown, furry face appeared between the cushions.  It wiggled it’s nose and I screamed.  I flew one way and he flew the other.  Apparently we’d been watching The Simpsons together.

That incident then made me think that perhaps the little furries had come in  in the sofa!!  Everything has been in storage for so long…  But, thankfully, there were no signs of that when we tipped up the sofa. Nor any sounds of sliding mice as we moved it 😉  So that couldn’t be it.  Needless to say we’ve now called the agency and they should be sending round “Adelaide Pest Control”.  I hope it’s soon and I hope they bring the pied piper!


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