They’re here!!!

my goodness ... captions on a postcard / comment!

They arrived… 45 mins early!!!  YAY! Apparently their plane had been early at the airport (I’m pretty sure that’s a rare thing!) I got the camera and told the man if I didn’t take pictures I’d be in big trouble!!

They seem fine.  They’ve spent about 2 hours wandering around what must feel like a massive palace after spending 24 hours in a box and 4 weeks in a cattery.  They’ve been nomming on the cat food and Stan’s even been playing “chase me” with Matt around the house.  Seems like they’re absolutly fine to me !  Well don Spotswood for looking after them so well 🙂


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  1. kitt 10 years ago

    I am thrilled to bits that stan and henny are now home with you both. what an adventure!!! See I told you I should have got into that box – plenty big enough for three!

  2. kitt 10 years ago

    Bye the way – why do I look so miserable in that photo? I’m a very happy cat …. well I am now. I have the house to myself.

  3. mark 10 years ago

    Stan: Are you as confused as I am?

    Hendrix: More so.

  4. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Peto and Darcy are delighted that Stan and Hen have arrived safely and advise them to get hunting now!!

    • Author
      Moch 10 years ago

      LOL! Awesome! Poor little buggers!


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