Things I like about OZ Part 1

1) Instead of boring British lions, eggs here have smiley faces! (I promise they came like that!)
2) Every time you step outside you smell eucalyptus trees…mmm.
3) There are loads of brightly coloured/strange birds ones with pointy heads, green parrots, cockatoos! It’s good
4) The houses are all different in a street and have been painted different colours. No shortage of pink houses
5) The cities are clean and well looked after no rubbishon the streets.
6) The locals are really friendly and always want to stop for a chat.

to be continued…

Thought you may also want to see pictures of where we are staying.. Our little home until we fly off to Adelaide on Tuesday!

That’s our hire car too!


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  1. Mummy Cow 12 years ago

    Guess you’re in Adelaide now – hope you find a lovely house. Only concern is that you sound like you’re going to settle. Buy a house??? MCx

  2. Mochinbach 12 years ago

    Don’t panic… Lol. We’re not buying a house. We were thinking about it only because the rental market is very tight and we’re going to have to compromise on our dream house if we rent. furnished properties are only 5% of the market so we’re struggling a bit to find anywhere. We’re looking at a nice (we hope( place today right on the beach 🙂

    Nearly called you at work earlier for a laugh and then thought better of it. Was going to play the role of irate concerned parent.. lol. Just to be silly and see how long it took you to realise!

    Miss you all

  3. Mummy Cow 12 years ago

    It was brill to hear your voice today. Have completed my part of the mission but didn’t have your email address here to cc you. Will do it later. Hope you enjoy being settled – temporarily…
    MC x

  4. Anonymous 12 years ago

    Hi guys! Kell and I got your package. Thanx. Kell love the kaola and makes it climb the fridge. She is calling it Kawali Bear. Like Hen. Thanx 4 the comic Matt. It was a very engrossing read. Kell watched neighbours and was saved by the spider! Hope u all having a great time. If and when u decide 2 pause let us know where u r so we can send u some fish&chips (they might get stinky when they get 2 u but u can still brag u r eating UK fish& All our love, Kell and Greg x


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