Things of note about the new house:

1. Span would love the fact that my bedroom now has two huge fitted wardrobes. Each has a double rail, 4 draws and 5 shelves.  All of the spare rooms also have the same storage solution; ideal for all her clothes. I just look like I don’t have any now! They’re lost in the casams of the storage provided!

2. I have his and hers sinks, as well as, his and hers showers!  No.  There is only one toilet.

3. I think this is probably the biggest house Matt and I have ever lived in; that has our name on the contract.

4. It has a lovely back garden. I’m going to have to garden again.  My maiden voyage into Aussie gardening will begin today.  There are tomatoes, limes and small oranges (think they may be kumquats) already growing in the garden.  There is a big ol’ pergola.  Just like I always wanted.  It’s shady and has “features” like bamboo screens.  I love it!  It just needs a grape vine to be perfect.

5. It made me buy a new washing machine.  It washes clothes in 15 mins on a fast wash!!!  WTF?  Amazing! and they are actually clean!! That’s what they mean by efficient!

6. There are a few spiders around but they’re of the “all legs and no teeth” variety. So I’m down with that… until my hover arrives.

7.  I have no furniture apart from the aforementioned large storage areas and an IKEA futon. Roll on Monday

8. One of the back bedrooms does look out onto a… er… well… a wall, and Matt was right when he remembered that that wall is very nicely decorated with a metal sculpture thingy with fish on!

9. The cats will defo love it here.  The neighbours also have cats.. will they be lovers or fighters?  Probably a bit of both.

10.  I saw a mouse.  That must mean either. no snakes. or. as there are cats next door an awesome mouse who deserves some kind of mouse commando award. The mouse, to clarify, was not in the house.

The End.


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