Toddler on a Plane – and it was all ok – maybe even a bit fun… ;)

We survived! We made it…  We’re in Blighty.  Last night, at Dad’s birthday dinner I felt like I had drunk half a bottle of wine even though I had consumed no alcohol what so ever – mean…  Jet lag is fun.  We made it though. …  We took at 2.5 year old dude and sat him in a chair for 24 hours and we were all OK.  In fact there were moments where things were quite fun… – there were also moments where we were all OVER IT – but not because of anyone’s behaviour – just because that’s a long flipping way for anyone!!

We dropped the cats off at the cattery.  Twisty was VERY excited that they were in the car and kept telling a whinging Henny that he would be ok. lol  But… when we drove off without them he got a bit worried…  He was very concerned about them and we had to explain that they were going on holiday too so that they could have nice food and lots of cuddles whilst we were away.  He’s looking forward to telling them all about his holiday when we get back and hearing their tales too. 😉

Twisty has been asking “are we ready to go” for about 3 weeks so it was great to finally be able to say yes and get into the taxi.  He was so good the whole time.  We had one ‘crack it’ incident in the last 30 mins of the last flight because he is now terrified of toilets….  When Matt took him to the loo for the first time he practically leapt into his arms when we flushed and was terrified of them ever since.  He still won’t use a toilet now… thank goodness for potties!  Poor twisty.  We need an ingenious plan to help become best pals with the loo again.. any ideas? lol

Passed out before we even take off

Passed out before we even take off

The first flight was ok… That’s the longest one so I’m not going to say it was fun all the way but there were some fun moments.  Watching Twisty dancing to the Paw Patrol theme tune because he was wearing headphones, the joy on Twisty’s face every time people brought WHOLE TRAYS OF FOOD!  Playing ‘ghosts’ with the blankets on the plane, opening the straw on twisty’s drink after we had taken off to spray the row in front (and a sleeping twisty) with water… Apparently water pressure effects water bottles! Doh! My reaction of screaming loudly and flapping resulting in Twisty waking up saying “I don’t like this”

The funniest bit was watching Twisty learn and deal with flying.  I think he expected to get out of the car, into the plane, off the plane, and into Grandad’s car.  Every queue, for checking, customs, boarding etc he’s be asking where the plane was and when we landed he was most confused as to why we had to queue for Grandad.. lol

I still think Dubai airport sucks… especially for families and I am defiantly not looking forward to being there for 6 hours on the way back.  It’s surprising how little they have invested in the airport when it comes to family.  Singapore airport (and airline for that matter) do this far far better in my opinion.  So I reckon they’ll be our favourites from now on.  Anywhere that has a hole in the ground, covered in dirty green carpet with a sign next to it with the words “baby crawl zone” probably needs to do some research.. and make some improvements to their facilities.

New lego!  oooh it's spiderman!

New lego! oooh it’s spiderman!

Now.. if you’ve stumbled across this post because you’re about to embark on a mammoth journey fear not. Here are ten things I’m glad we did  and that might help…

  1. We managed to move Twisty’s mid day nap to 2pm the day before we flew which meant that he woke up at 4 and gave us a chance of him not being a complete nut job on the plane before we could get him to snooze-ville.
  2. Take a USA adapter with you because there’s a socket on the back of the two seats nearest the windows.  The one in the aisle doesn’t have one – presumably so that the cables don’t dangle in the aisles.
  3. There were no USB ports in our plane but some of the newer ones have sockets so that you can watch your ipad/iphone content on the screens in the seats
  4. I made little envelopes with activities in.  This helped to divide the flight up a bit for Twisty and give him a sense of time moving.  We took… A small junior lego set (Spider man), stickers, card and pens to make Grandad’s birthday card – I even managed to get a small glue stick in there, colouring in book, sticker book and the ipad.
  5. Emirates provided us with absolutely NO toys, blankets/monster things or anything else despite the promises on their website.  I had to ask for his monster and blanket – twice.  They were not on the ball in that regard. So I’m glad we were well prepared
  6. Emirates did bring a box with some treats in with Twisty’s main meal.  On the flight from Dubai to Birmingham that was in the last hour… So not useful. We had packed some snacks with us though… Take a few with you.
  7. I also copied a heap of TV onto a HDD to show twisty if he needed it but we didn’t need it which was amazing!
  8. They will feed you 1 hour after you take off (on the 1opm flight from Adelaide) so it’s pointless trying to get a curious, over excited boy to sleep before that’s all over.  Then you have to pretend to be asleep and ban the TV before he’ll pass out. 😉
  9. Be really aware of the scariness of plane toilets….
  10. Event though we have an incredibly active young man it seemed to be far less important to run around with him in the aisles and more important to help him to relax, chill out and sit still.  Which was not what we were anticipating at all!
Waiting for the next plane

Waiting for the next plane

I think the key thing is to try and remain as chilled as you can and enjoy the ride (as far as possible).  This was such a big adventure for Twisty, it was exciting for him and so we tried to be excited and explore with him 🙂   We’re here were recovering from Jet lag and we’re going to have lots of fun! 🙂 woot!

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