Together Forever and Never to Part….

Hannah Grace Ruthven! There! I’ve said it! No longer Miss Davis – You’re a Mrs now!!! EXCITING!

You looked absolutely stunning my lovely.  How relieved we all were that you  loved your dress (after months of typical daft, Davis style stressing) You really were soooo Beautiful.  Everyone was so proud of you, of both of you.

You’ve achieved so much together already and, in the 22 years (eik!) that i’ve had the pleasure of being your friend and confidant, we’ve shared a lot of “growing up” time and quite a lot of successes too 😉

Did you know readers that, for example,  she was co-host of her own radio show (SHAK FM), that she’s starred in her own productions of several hit musicals, as well as being a joint front woman for an awesome pop band?  It had a repertoire of two songs – “Manic Monday” by the Bangles and “Together Forever” by Rick Astley – Awesome dance moves included! Thank god X-factor wasn’t around in the early 90s!

Naturally, singing songs with lyrics like “Together forever and never to part” brought about plenty of early conversations about who that “dream of a man” might be. But… it wasn’t until 4/5 years a go that we had actual grown-up conversations about what marriage might actually mean.  She hadn’t met John then and, at the time, when ever I discussed how I had found “the one” her response would usually involve the phrase “pass me a bucket” whilst she pulled a very un-bride like face and pretended to gag.

i do shoe stickersThen she met John, Things changed,  very quickly.  Now I get to laugh at her soppiness and cheesey wedding suggestions. One of these suggestions even managed to make it to the actual wedding! “I” on the left foot “Do” on the right, in blue rhinestones.  Not only had she mutilated actual shoes she did it to spell actual words of LOVE.  A very similar concept to the flip flops a friend bought which printed the words “Just Married” as she and her new husband strolled along the beach.  At the time, unsurprisingly, she laughed at that. Thought it was hilarious! See… things change when you have the right person… If you asked her now, i’m absolutely sure that she would  “move heaven and earth to be together for ever with you”, John. Even whilst wearing those flip flops! ;P

Now to you Johnny boy….  since dating you my lovely, Hannah has found much more than the dream man to be “together forever {with} and never to part”. She’s found someone with whom she can build and share new dreams. You’ve already helped each other to achieve so much and I know that your support and love means a lot to Hannah.  It’s this love and support that shows how much you really were meant for each other and.. I hope she won’t request another bucket if I say… you clearly are made for each other.  You must be “the one”!

I’m so happy for you both 🙂  I hope you’re having lots of fun in Italy – 5 weeks until I see you both again! I will look forward to dinner with Mr and Mrs Ruthven of Crouch End 😉

Mr and Mrs Ruthven - El Far Tamariu

Mr and Mrs Ruthven - El Far, Tamariu

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  1. The Bride 8 years ago

    Hey you, thank you so much for your beautiful words. Your are the best friends anyone could hope for and I was so lucky to have you there with me. I wouldn’t have wanted to get married without you. Love you very much, Hannah xxx

    PS: those turquoise rhinestone rocked! I stopped short of a bikini with ‘Mrs R’ written on the bum though, which I did consider! 🙂


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