Travelling Across the World with a 6 Month Old.

So, You’re thinking that you might take a long haul somewhere nice. How does that go with a baby? Well, Tristan coped surprisingly well with the whole thing. He enjoyed his bassinet and was quite happy with the idea of sitting with Mummy and Daddy for 20 hours and being he center of attention. There were no movies for us and, to be honest, there was VERY little sleeping either but he didn’t cry out or make a fuss so it was ok.

Getting There

We flew out with Singapore Airlines and back with Emirates. Both were great. The had different features to consider when it came to babies but the staff on both airlines were great. Here’s a break down of what to expect:

Singapore Airlines

Happy Basinet dweller

Happy Bassinet dweller

A comfy bassinet and a blanket was provided for Tristan. We weren’t offered any baby food or other baby objects but then we didn’t ask either. We didn’t take baby food as Tristan eats what we do. He just sat our arms and ate from our tray. When we were sat next to another person, he also tried to help himself from their tray too.

On the Adelaide to Singapore route the staff were really considerate. They held Tristan whilst we put bags into overhead lockers and made a big fuss of him all the way. When meal times came around they asked us who wanted to eat first so we weren’t juggling two trays of food and a baby. That was a big help to be honest and we missed it when we left Changi airport (in Singapore) and headed to London. The staff didn’t ask us on that leg; possibly because the flight was much busier.

Baby changing facilities on the plane were good. Surprisingly, not as cramped as you’d expect which was a relief!

Changi airport is excellent for children and even provides pushchair /trolleys which Tristan enjoyed. You can have your pushchair with you if you like. You can wheel your little one to the door of the plane and be handed it back when you exit. If he was bigger I might have done that but we chose to take the Baby Bjorn and use the airport’s facilities instead.


On the flight home the Emirates staff took a little picture

On the flight home the Emirates staff took a little picture

The staff were as equally friendly and made another big fuss of Mr T – which he always likes.  They weren’t as good at things like asking who wanted their meal first etc but they were much more into giving us stuff.  He collected 2 cuddly toys, two blankets and a gift bag for babies which contained baby food, wipes, skin cream, nappy bags, a spoon, a rattle and a bib. Very handy and much appreciated.  The staff also took his photograph using a Polaroid camera, as a momentum of his flight!

Dubai airport is no where near as cool as Changi and not geared up for kids in the same way .  They did have the same option to keep your pushchair as Singapore and also provided Emirates strollers.  Whilst I was in the airport, however, I couldn’t find a family room or baby change facility.  Not in the main airport – not in the ladies loos, not in the disabled loos and not in the loos at the gate.  I ended up changing his nappy on a chair in the gate lounge :/ I’m sure there’s one somewhere but I couldn’t find it…

Jet Lag


Get out in the Sunshine!

You won’t get a chance to get over your jet lag until your mini person (or people) have.  There’s no going to bed when you get in, not unless they agree with you.  Tristan was much better heading towards England that he was returning to Australia.  I”m not sure if that’s because we landed in the UK in the morning and he was surrounded by excited people who kept him awake until bedtime – sort of helping to reset his clock.  I do know that we though that getting home (Adelaide) at 8pm would be perfect as that was a couple of hours after his bedtime… that didn’t work.  For about 6 days he was completely out of sync. His bedtime was 4am (6.30pm UK) as far as he was concerned.

The only thing that worked as getting him up and sticking him in the sunshine for as much time as possible.  We had breakfast in the garden and stayed out there all day.  We had to wait for the sunshine to come out (it was a bit grey and rainy when we got home) but every time it stopped raining we were outside.  Then, once we were able to, I tried to get him up earlier and earlier.  I think we started getting up a 10am and slowly pulled it back to his usual 6am wake up time.  Each night he slowly went to bed a little earlier until we were back to normal.  Actually, he’s been sleeping (touch wood) a lot better during the day now.  He’s getting 3 regular 30 minute naps a day – not a lot for most babies but a vast improvement for Mr T!






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