Two weeks ’till the new term kicks off again.

LOF’s back at work today. I woke up with him and ended up starting my own work for school. I was a little sad last night as I realised that the holiday was starting to come to an end and I would have to return to “work” in just 14 days.

In truth I am dreading returning as I have no idea how I am going to respond or indeed survive another 12 months; especially if it is allowed to follow the same pattern as the last 12. I do have some amazing colleagues and some pretty remarkable students who are very good at reminding me why it is that I love this job so much.

Several outsiders have told me to change careers, it might be easier. The truth is I can’t see myself doing anything else at the moment. The only time I will stop teaching is when I have little ones of my own to look after. I really enjoy being around the kids and I can’t think of another job which would ever come close to be as rewarding.

It is a shame that I have been unable to find a place to work where everyone within the establishment who has power and control sees the pupils as something as precious as I do. It is a shame that the government are putting pressure on what is not as important (results) as the rest of the skills that pupils learn when their in my classroom. It equally a shame that certain individuals are allowed to run their ‘business’ –> I am convinced that’s how it’s seen.–> with a tyrannical and unsympathetic ear.. indeed possibly with their eyes wide shut.

I am determined to return to work as positive as I can be. I can’t allow the shinny happy teacher to disappear just because someone got it all horribly wrong. I don’t need to make them understand because those who matter already know. I’ll just carry on learning, developing and making the choices that I think will benefit everyone in the long term.

Only 2 weeks to go. Here’s hoping that academic year 05/06 is much more fulfilling and happy that 04/05. lol


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