Uk = No blog

Well aparently it does. I never seem to be able to find the time to write anything longer than a few sentences these days; most of those seem a little dull!
I guess the blog has always tracked how i felt about things, what I was up to etc. Things are dull, dull, dull. LOL. No travels to report on, not very much in the way of new experiences either. Lots of thoughts in my head: most of them not suitable for the blog! lol

SO Update time…

1 ) We’ve started saving for the epic return journey. It’s time for us to make a move (well as soon as the epic amounts of money are saved and the house is sold) back to the land of upside down. No offence England but you’re killing me !! 😉 As much as I love my friends and my family i KNOW that they’re all ok and will continue to be ok even when i am in the other hemisphere; that’s exactly what happened last time anyway.

Australia has it’s head screwed on right and the beaurocracy, lack of trust and pressure just drives me closer to the airport with every passing week!

2) We have bought a new camera. SPAN its a lumix jobby and it’s cool. Our old faithful HP Camera bit the dust after sucking the life out of yet another battery to the point where it was totally non -rechragable! LOF loves the fact that it has what we have called a “pap” mode – shot after shot continuously. He even followed me around a shop with it! Strange but celeb like.

3) Xmas shopping hasn’t really begun and need to get on with that…

4) See! It’s been over a month and i’ve run out of things to say…… tum tee tum tee tum….



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  1. Mummy Cow 11 years ago

    Please Blog! We get so little chance to chat at school that this is the place where I catch up with you!
    MC x

  2. Hakasina 11 years ago

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that we were in the same boat a few years back, migrated to Australia (Melbourne in our case), went back to Europe (Germany in our case) and didn’t like it anymore, and went back to Australia. That was over 2 years ago and the best decision we ever made. So good luck with everything. Merry Xmas and best wishes from Down Under Katie


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