Unexpected visitors.

This week has been, up to a point, a bit dull. I still haven’t found a job. I thought that my talented hair designs (as modelled by LOF)would be the start of a new career for me but, for some reason, I have had no offers of employment there either! I can’t think why. The only other job that interested me was the role of “termite”. A local pest control agent is looking for a person to dress up as a termite and wave at people in the road near their offices in order to encourage their custom. Never being one who was paricularly shy of termite costumes I did, for about 5 minutes, think this was a great idea and a brilliant way to pass the time. That was until I remembered how hot it is outside and how uncomfortable it would be to be in the full sun inside a fluffy termite. It was $25 an hour though…

As a result I have been reading a lot. Mostly books that others have read or mentioned; for example I have nearly finished the 5 people you meet in Heaven which is very strange and lovely. Those who think that they are “far too busy to do that” need to read that book; it makes you remember what is important!

Now I do love to read but each book is $25! Not good for the bank balance when you get through a couple a week! Now, before you suggest it, I have been to the library where I have perused through a large collection of ‘my mother’ style Mills and Boon and the complete works of Danielle Steel – Not really my thing. Plus there’s something special about a nice, new shinny book! πŸ™‚

On the up side, my house, which is usually a mess lets be honest, is now usually tidy; that’s the only thing to do all day! πŸ˜‰

On Thursday however, three unexpected guests arrived. (None with 8 legs thankfully)

In our front room there is a very nice rock (probably stolen by a previous tenant from the beach) which we use to conveniently prop open the door. LOF was outside with his new two wheeled toy (which I will allow him to blog about) so I went to prop the door open with this stone. As I moved it, this little creature ran out and hid under the sofa! Cool! I like things that eat 8 legged creatures and flies! πŸ™‚
This, obviously brightened my day πŸ™‚ however, it wasn’t going to keep me entertained past the minute we put it back outside and LOF chased it with the camera. (hoping to add its portrait to the hall of weird and fabulous creatures we seem to be creating. )

What has made the last two days more interesting was a phone call I received on Friday and the result of that conversation.

An Australian number appears on my phone with Double E’s name next to it.

ME:Hello! Is that Double E? How are you?
I see you’re calling on your Aussie number! Now you can’t possibly be in Australia you only went home 4 weeks ago and that would be far too exciting!
DE: Well I’m in Salisbury Plain.
Me: OH, well that’s no good.
DE: Salisbury Plain, North Adelaide

So, for the first time in about 5 weeks LOF and I have friends! Friends who pop around for coffee and who take us out. We just seem to eat and eat and drink coffee after coffee and it’s nice. It’s a shame that they’re going home again. πŸ™

It’s not until you move away from it all that you realise how often your house wasn’t occupied by visitors! We were always entertaining or being entertained and it’s really nasty and weird that I can’t do that here yet. πŸ™

We are meeting a Canadian couple and their kids tomorrow at the beach up the road. We’ve never met them before but they chat a little on the Ex-pats forum and offered to meet us. Maybe they can be our new, Australian, friends? Who Knows. In the meantime I will continue to call Span whilst she’s at work πŸ™‚ Moah ha ha ha ha! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Jeremy. 12 years ago

    We used to love lizards when we lived in Zimbabwe and always referred to them as Len the Lizard.They are fun to watch and as you say – eat the things you would rather not share the house with. A perfect house guest!


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