Well the house is nearly sorted. They told me that I might have to wait until NEXT Friday!! I was most unhappy about that so set about poking my nose into areas that I am sure only solicitors are supposed to poke. I called the mortgage company and let them know that I wanted the money to go through in hours not 7 days. They were surprisingly obliging and told me of a little known Speedy Fax number which I could ask my solicitor to use. They couldn’t guarentee the money would be through by the end of the day Friday but at the very latest it would be Monday – this was a big improvement on making me wait another whole week! A week in which I am off work and can unpack!

So… we instructed our solcitor to use this number, we went in to sign the contracts and then went to the bank to transfer the deposit. I recieved a phone call at 1pm (lunchtime) to tell me that all the money had arrived. Great! that should mean I can pick up the key and have all weekend to move things out of attics and into houses with the help of strapping young men who have the weekend off. UH ER! (Buzzer noise πŸ˜‰ Unfortunatly, the vendors solicitors have informed me that their clients have not signed their contract yet.

Oh no!

So we have spent all afternoon trying to get hold of them to get them to their solicitor to sign. We were unsucessful…. Here’s hoping they managed to do it on Monday… I’m paying interest on a mortgage and I don’t have a house! EiK!


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