Update on the house

So we’ve now had three estate agents around to the house. Now we have to do all the maths. We’re definitely going to walk away having lost our entire deposit and it is possible that we will lose extra money paying up to £10,000 to move! GULP.

I think we’ll be putting the house on the market for £225,000 – £227,000 which means that we will have lost 20 odd grand in 10 months.LMAO. Ah well. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

It’s really stressful though, trying to work out what’s the best. It’s apparent that selling right now really is the best option. That way we can pay less then the mortgage each month renting somewhere and, if the house sells when I hope it does, we should still be able to leave in September. It’ll be rough losing all our deposit though as it will mean some serious hard slog in Aus to earn a new one for the Oz household we’ll want to purchase. It’ll be like starting again.

At this point, having not done the maths, I don’t know how long we need to stay here to have enough money to make it feasible. I’m hoping it’s September but it might be Jan 10 or it might be Sept10! lol (and eik) When I suggested we stayed here until we had enough for a deposit on a house in oz LOF had a near panic attack; his priority is to just get out! It’s strange though because i’m usually the one drive by my heart and he’s the practical one! Ah well.

On another note, I’ve been to BETT this week and have spoken to a few of my contacts from OZ which, apart from dangling a big Adelaide shaped carrot in front of me, has reminded me that I really need to start focusing on my book and my research again. One of my friends here reminded me that I probably need to stop banging my head against the wall of misunderstanding and no-vision at school and start concentrating on Teachertechnologies again. I think it might be time for a re-vamp of the site. I want to include a weblog on which I can record all of my educational research. I have created a Moodle class with some of it on but that’s not benefitting the members of the teachertech and, as those in the school aren’t actually bothering to even read it, that seems unfair.

Strangely, and this may seem obvious to some readers, I have only just realised how i got it all wrong. I was so used to being the one advising and consulting on these things that when I was invited to the ICT working party I fell into that role. In fact that isn’t how they saw me at all so whilst I’ve been busting a gut to advise, the decisions are being made without me, without even letting me know what’s really going on half the time. If they want to make decisions without taking advantage of my expertise then that’s their choice and so I have to stop worrying about the future of a school that i may not even be a part of and start being a little bit more selfish. Of course, my research will include my teaching and so the students I am working with can benefit but I don’t have the time, energy and to be honest my inclination is dwindling to keep trying to open their eyes. Sad and I hate it; I hate seeing things being done half done. LOL, I just hope I can actually sit back! I find that soooo hard!


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  1. Regarm 11 years ago

    My heart bleeds for ya. How dare there be a global cash crisis going on when you and LOF want to sell your house??? And you have put so much work into trying to help others with your rather excellent teaching strategies, only for them to ignore you??? The barefaced cheek of these people. You are a genus. Don’t let them drag ya down. Oh, and LOF looks wonderful in his leather jacket. What a stud(!)*

    *(!) Denotes sarcasm.

  2. trusp 11 years ago

    Maybe if you didn’t brag in your pathetic blogs about how much your house is worth you would be thought kinder of by the likes of people like me who happen to stumble upon this dreadful, egotistical, self-serving dirge. Just a thought xxx

  3. regarm 11 years ago

    Oh, and genus (first response) was a typo. I can spell. Unlike some (ahem).

  4. gaynor 11 years ago

    people who write this clap trap are probably very jealous of you, so feel sorry for them that they can only spend time slagging off decent people and remaining anon. Gutless at least sign your names.


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