The barnio….

Ahh the barnio… that was interesting. Last you heard we had been invited to make another offer. Mindful of that fact that they had previously accepted an offer of 235,00 we offered 230,000!! Well, they’d messed us about and we had two other properties to choose from anyway. We’d both kind of moved on. They rejected this offer of course so we then thought ah well… we’ve had 235 accepted before so we’ll try that again. They rejected that aswell.
I suppose from their point of view we had gone all the way up to 2,000 over the asking price of 240,00 last time and they were probably hoping that we wanted the barn so desperatly we’d do the same thing again.
Obviously they were wrong… we weren’t in the same position as last time. So we told them that that was our final offer.
We then made an offer on another property and had that accepted!! yay! So we have a house! Of course on the way to the mortgage advisor to finallise the paper work Nigel Poole rang to say that they though that they really should have accepted our offer and would we wait until tomorrow to get an answer. It was very satisfying to tell them to get stuffed. Nigel Poole’s assistants will tell you anything to get a sale and to try and push you. Be warned. Walk away, Particularly if the sale on the property has fallen through 3 times previously.

So…where are we going to live?
Studley! Yep we’ve bought a house in Studley, Warwickshire. It backs onto Studley common and has a lovely view,

is detached and refurbished and has a big conservatory for the cats to lounge in. I will finally be able to have a reading chair in a sunny spot and line up my books on the window sill πŸ™‚ Yay! And Debs can pop round for a cup of tea after work. We havne’t seen each other for over a year!!!!! NO GOOD! AT ALL!
We should be in at easter πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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