Updates! VIZORS (estate agents) rock!

Well, the couple that were buying the house messed around and then pulled out. NICE! Annoying. We decided to go back to the plan of adding extra agents to the house. We had Oulsnams and Vizors around to see what they could offer and decided that we’d go with Oulsnams. Before we could make the call to them to let them know our choice one of the sales people from Vizors called to tell us that they had a viewing for us. We hadn’t even signed a contract at this point and she managed to persuade me to have 3 agents on the go. I wasn’t too happy about this but didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of that viewing. I’m very glad I did agree because 24hrs after we signed up with VIZORS they sold the house!!! YAY! We can now breathe and make plans… We won’t book flights… not until the contracts are exchanged but at last things are falling into place.

I didn’t hand in my notice at work because, at that point, we hadn’t sold and I didn’t want to be without work. That means that we’re hear until the end of the Autumn term but that’s ok. We’ll end up leaving exactly 2 years after we came back and it will give us an opportunity to recoup the vast amount of money we have lost. If you count our original deposit (which sunk when the recession raised its head) then we’ve lost about 40,000 (GULP) but C’est la vie! and we’ll soon recoup what we need in savings. We’re moving back in with mum until we do and then we’ll be off around Xmas (Just got to work out when the flights are cheapest).

We’ll be packing for the next few weeks and giving away all sorts of things. So vultures… start circling for your bargains! 😉



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  1. Ezz 11 years ago

    What a bit of good luck!

  2. Mochinbach 11 years ago

    yay! We'll pop in on our way over 🙂
    I can enjoy some Pad Thai from that big shopping mall with the food court. That was yumm yumm yummy!


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