Warm… warm.. HOT… !

Christmas time is coming!

Both summer and Christmas are clearly on the way. The temperature this week has gone up and down from 33 to 22 and the decorations have started to appear in the stores. Of course, being over here , we’re going to have to start xmas shopping very soon and get anything tat needs posting over to the UK within the next week or two otherwise, Santa might find himself arriving little late!

The clock have already “sprung” forward so that the sun shines on well after I’ve returned from work and. So, the days when the sun is burning hot, it makes a real difference to be able to come home and head down the road to the beach for a cuppa in the warm sunshine 🙂  That, “Living in Oz, is like being on holiday” feeling is creeping back in again.  Lovely!

It’s strange to know that all of my UK teacher friends have already completed the first half term of the school year and are about to settle into half term.  It’s even stranger to receive and email from HR asking me to tell them when I WANT to book time off  and telling me I have to use all of my days before the end of this year… I’m not used to that!  Usually, the council tells me when I’m not going to come in.  I’m also not used to having to work for months and months in one go without a break.  Having said that, my current job is no where near as exhausting as my old one and I know that realistically, for most of my friends, this half term is more about working from home than holidaying!  I get to work from home too so I guess that’s ok 😉

Stan enjoying the sunshine with Pinky (the mouse) in the "water feature"

Stan enjoying the sunshine with Pinky (the mouse) in the "water feature"

The half term break does mean, however, that I need to get on with making a Christmas cake!  It’ll need to be slowly fed brandy until Xmas day.  It looks like it’ll just be me, Matt and the cats this year as no one has booked themselves in for a barmy Xmas ont he beach so far.    I guess there’s still time!  Matt has made it very clear that this year we’re having turkey… even if he’s the only one eating it.. 😉




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