We have a bed, a coffee machine and a webcam!

and a whole heap of other stuff too!

Get building!

Ahhh Bed!

Ah! Bed!

The van arrived yesterday with all of our long missed belongings on board. Last night I slept on my lovely, squishy mattress with my lovely squishy summer duvet.  I made myself a cappuccino with my coffee machine and had a glass of wine in one of my own glasses!  Yay!  I also found the web cam so we can wave at people on Skype (and give you a tour of our house on request)

I was asked by one pal this morning if there were any surprises as we unpacked.  Well, nothing was broken and nothing seems to be missing ( which was brilliant) but we do seem to have let that mouse into the house!  Do you remember in a previous post I was praising the commando mouse that I had seen out in the garden?  Well he’s somewhere under the kitchen cupboards at the moment.  Despite Matt’s best efforts to catch him in a bowl or herd him back out the door he keeps eluding us!  We’ve called the letting agency who’s response was “Have you tried a mouse trap” – nothing like an obvious answer.  As I pointed out to them though, our job is being made harder by the fact that the kick board around the bottom of the cupboards isn’t complete and the little squeaker keeps disappearing up inside the back of the cupboards.  I’ve requested permission to get some money off the landlord to fix this problem.  We’ll just have to wait and see i guess! In the mean time it’s quite entertaining watching the wits of one man pitted against a tiny mouse! 😉

At least it spurred us on to unpack and get things out of the way of mice!  We pretty much un-flattened everything.  It took flipping ages to put the dinning chairs back together. We definitely won’t be flat-packing them again!  I didn’t realise just how much stuff we do have though!  5 boxes of “kitchenware” to start with.  It took an hour to uncover the kettle! At least now I have everything I could possibly need to make cooking nice and easy 🙂

Time for a beer / glass of wine?

The garden looks nice now too.  What with all my garden furniture set up under my lovely pagoda!  can’t wait to sit in the steamer chair with my book! Just need to hook up the hammock 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to Bunnings now to get about 15 plugs.  I need to change the sockets on numerous appliances.  I can only have 3 things plugged in at once at the moment!

Ohh and on a boring expat note. I know a lot of people ask about whether their TV will work well, our British TV works fine! (Without the aid of a freeview box or anything) I just plugged it in and told the TV we weren’t in the UK anymore! Then it scanned and found all the TV channels for us. Neighbours and Home and Away without any trouble at all!  Of course, now I have to have the tennis on all day 🙁 (yawn!)

More pictures have been added to the slide show in the post below… feel free to be nosey 🙂
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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Wow! All you need now are the cats. (Unfortunately that’ll probably put paid to the mouse in a living mouse trap way…).x


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