We haz gardenz!

OK… so if this continues for much longer I’m going to need to rename the blog to rockincath (welsh for cat).  I know you all love seeing the ‘big moments’ lol so here’s the next one 😉 It’s probably the last one… At least I hope it is!

I've found lemons!

They won't see me here SHhhhh.

They’ve had a wander about and those squeaky birds that you can hear keep dive bombing Henny when he gets to close to the back of the garden. They must have a nest somewhere over that way; or they’ve been employed as hit men by the mice… not sure. It’s very strange to see though. They’re not that much bigger than a sparrow! Hen keeps pushing his luck though (as you would expect) I’ve seen him hiding in the long grass (weeds really… should buy a lawn mower!) and them swooping at him until he runs in. Stan doesn’t like them and just runs in as soon as they start! They were the ones who kept sitting on the pergola and squawking at them when they could see them in the window. Matt reckons it won’t be long before Henny eats one of them and then they’ll shut up! I’m not so sure!! Poor little things (birds or cats.. you can choose sides!)

I’ve brought them both in now (it’s midday) as Henny kept going out, getting hot, coming in and flopping on the cold floor and then willing himself back out into the heat. Stan, bless him, kept trying to find a cool spot under something. I don’t think he’s worked out that the sun’s beams are not the problem. It’s not that much cooler under the car, patio chairs, bushes today.. It’s just 35 degrees and that’s that! There’s supposed to be a storm tomorrow at some point though so that should cool it all down.

oh and I have to show you this… how cool! Cat pod! fun! You can follow the links to his blog… he made it! I think Matt’s getting his tools out 😉


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  1. kitt 10 years ago

    Freedom at last how nice ….. i wanted to see more the video was a little short. I think you missed the best bits. We are glad now to see they have settled in really well – it was worth it.
    The birds certainly sounded loud, are they like that all the time?

  2. Author
    Moch 10 years ago

    Oh yes… yes they are … only when they feel threatened though and two moggies are deffinately upsetting them! 😉


  3. Darcy and Peto 10 years ago

    We recommend the stealth approach – together you WILL get them!!! Moahhhaaahaaameiow…

  4. peto garden 10 years ago

    […] too and sqawking … Silly birds! Comments (2) Darcy and Peto said on 09-02-2010. Eat them …RockinMochin Blog Archive We haz gardenz!They've had a wander about and those squeaky birds that you can hear keep dive bombing Henny when he […]


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