Welcome 2012!

I am so looking forward to 2012.  I have so many things to look forward to! To begin with, in April, there will be the birth of two  niece (s)/nephew (s) (One official and one unofficial).  I also hope that I can add a miniature ‘woowaa’ to the list of 2012 births – we’ll just have to see.  Then of course there’s the very real chance that Matt’s business will take off meaning that he will finally be happy at work.  If it doesn’t? Well then he’ll get an equally lovely chance in another (who knows what) job to finally be happy at work 😉

We had a lovely Christmas – as you might have been able to tell from the piccies in my last post. We were both really lucky and had so many presents! Thank you to everyone who sent something over – I know it’s not easy.  The fun part about delays in postage is that Christmas keeps on going.  Since Christmas day we’ve had more cards from relatives and friends and even an extra pressie from one (CHOCOLATE BUTTONS and SNOW! – she knows me so well! )

Sparkling at midnight...

and i haven't drunk a drop...

We spent the New Years weekend over in a place called Marion Bay.  Its about a three hour drive from our place.  We’ve been there before with Pete and Caz and they invited us again 🙂  We definitely couldn’t’ say no to the sea, sand, sun (40 flipping degrees it’s been all weekend) and the opportunity to have no mobile signal, no internet, no Twitter, blogs, FacebookGoogle plus and all the other techie things that Matt and I both fill our days with! Instead there was sitting, talking, reading, (crocheting… just a bit ) and relaxing.  We even managed to keep Matt down at the beach for four whole hours.  That must have meant that he was really relaxed!

Matt and Pete in Innis National Park

Matt and Pete in Innis National Park

Of course I also managed to achieve my first Jelly Fish sting….  Not as bad as you’d think.  I’ve never been stung by any animal but if there’s one thing in the sea I am scared of it’s jelly fish… the sneaky, see through little critters are just so hard to spot and then avoid!  One got me right on the shoulder blade!  We managed to up the anti though when we got home.  We arrived back at the house and headed straight back to the beach (I know… terrible life it really is).  At 40 degrees the best place to be is in the sea.  We were quite happy in there too until the RSL set off the Shark alarm. We didn’t actually get to see the beastie in question (that would have been cool) but we did have to vacate the lovely cool, bath water of the sea pretty sharpish! Unfortunatly, we were forced to lie on our towels in the sunshine until we dried off….  shame. 😉

We have had one cool change today meaning that we’ve gone from 42 to 36 over night. Another is expected this evening that will bring the temperature down to 25.  After the last few days I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t have to “rug up” a bit! lol 25 will feel chilly.  The temperature are evening out to the low 30s now though.  It’s a shame the weather wasn’t like this for ma and pa last year.  I don’t think they believe me when I tell them how HOT it gets! It’s never happened when they’re here.

Anyway, that’s enough from me about what we did – you  can see for yourself 😉  Here are some silly pictures of our shenanigans at Marion Bay 😉

Now, as for New Year’s resolutions: I’m going to be brave and record mine here…. where it will be in Google and archived and everything (so it will have to be done).

1) I will either join a choir or get some vocal training – It’s about time I returned to that.

2) I will carry on with my Pilates every week, even when I feel rubbish, and will try and add two more classes a week to the mix (Zumba is good fun and maybe I can work my way back up to body attack/pump.)

3) I Will  try again with my book.  This time I’ll pick a local publisher and I will have an ISBN for it by the end of 2012 – so help me!

4) I Will finish the two iPod apps I have written for lesson planning and publish them to iTunes

5) I will be happy and healthy so that I can support my family and friends to do the same 🙂

What about you?



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