We’ve been to Canberra…

It’s the capital… but according to the woman in the tourist information place that’s only because they couldn’t decide whether to have the capital as Sydney or Melbourne and canberra is somewhere in the middle.

It’s very pretty but for a capital it’s a bit pants… There’s one street of shops, lots of hotels and Head offices and the Parliment building. That was pretty much it!


The government here has a senate and a house of representatives – a little Americanised? It was nice to see the house thoguh. Strange to imagine it was only built when I was 8! 1988! LOL. The “old” one was built in the 1920s. Crazy!

Congratualtions to the Shenley Crew who have some unplanned time off. I new if I wedged those missing t-towels into the pipes that eventually you’d get a day off! πŸ˜‰

We’ve arrived in Sydney now. It’s very busy and a propper city – unlike Canberra! lol.

Will let you know more once we’ve explored in more detail. Got here in D.E’s camper van. She was passine through Canberra and picked us up! Very nice of her! πŸ™‚

I have once request…

Everyone who is reading this… I want you to say hello in the comments so I know who my audience is! lol. I’d love to know who’s reading πŸ™‚

and for the English Department… and other language types… a puzzle.

Try it on the kids (i bet bradders level 7s won’t get it!;)

What’d the difference between a cat and a complex sentence??

Answers with your greetings in the comments section…


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  1. Anonymous 13 years ago

    You can’t kick a complex sentence up the arse.


    Think I put LOF on the last comment by accident. What can I say LOF, I must just want to be you

  2. mrbogus 13 years ago

    Cats don’t have commas between their dependent clawsies?

  3. Mochinbach 13 years ago

    Close, Mr bogus try again!

  4. ManInOz 13 years ago

    LOM what can I say lets join souls and become one big lump of love πŸ˜‰

  5. Anonymous 13 years ago

    cats dont kid themselves they are complex cats just ahhh


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