What’s your soundtrack like?

I was listening to Radio One yesterday (during a cleaning frenzy) and was enjoying some music that I hadn’t heard for years. One by one each song reminded me of a time in my life or a person… Here are some of the songs in the soundtrack of my life….

Year 8 at school. The annual Eisteddfod. –> Sweat (a la la la la long) Inner Circle
I can vividly remember our form sorting out a little sketch on the beach for this one. We won! We even covered James ? in black face paint and made him an afro from wool ( not very politically correct!)

The garage musicians – Together for Ever – Rick Astley
Just another Manic Monday – The Bangles

Oh those were the day eh Span… If you ask maybe one day we’ll record the moves… and bust a grove… ready… 1,2,3…

This makes me think of John, Crig, Kel, Aimme, Span and I when we were too young and innocent to understand that the lyrics to some of the song we were ‘performing’ we RUDE!

Year 9, Matt Dyer, the undertakers’ Son – Firestarter – The Prodigy

The start of my High School years, Mixing with the wrong types! lol

Deano and the Redditch fair – Saturday Night – Wigfield

I can even tell you that this came out in September… because that’s when the fair was. My mate Deanno and I were on the Orbiter ( a ride still in operation even now — worrying) . I still try and keep in contact with Deano who is now a talented musician.

Eddy, Rushy and M –> Gangstas’ Paradise – Coolio

My holiday romance (from a cruise no less!) a six foot rugby player who used to send me love letters from Rochdale which outlined the grusome things he had done to people to cause pain on the Rugby pitch (he even included clip art!) I think that was supposed to impress me lol. A very sweet boy who turned into a lovely man… I haven’t spoken to him for years but I hope he and ‘Rushy’ are very happy where ever they are up north.

One Step Beyond – A spaceman came travelling – Chris de Burgh
Careless Whisper – George Micheal

Even now these songs send Deano and me into fits of giggles, These were the only two songs, our band One step beyond could play. Thanks to Steph for the harmonies and Alex Woods for the drums lol.

The Webheath Gang Version 2 – Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
What i though was my first ‘love’; Mr Kimberly. This song always takes me back to the nights when I was much younger where we wandered around the streets of Webheath in a gang (Chris – from the black country, Dave, Span, John, Crig, that bloy with the blonde hair who we were very mean to -sorry love- ) Hey Span do you remember when we sat on the corner of the road and pulled the petals off some roses. ( he loves me, he loves me not) The next day day your mum told you how the lady who ownd the garden was mortified as her proze winning roses had been ruined by vandals. We never did own up did we !

Year 11 – Lewis et al at the end of what was there year 13… –> Layla – Eric Clapton

The beginning of a very transition period on my life. These people were very important to me for years and I often wondered what became of them. I’ve heard that Lewis is now happily married which is wonderful news; of Jon, Chris, Neil and Cullum…. I know not a lot. I hope they’re all happy and safe.

First Year of Uni. Anything from Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morrisette

Possibly one of the most turbulent times of my life but also one of the most valuable. I learnt a lot about myself that year and this album helped me lose a lot of anger. Lock the door and start wailing along girls….

The start of the rest of my life – Beautiful – Matt Woodward.
After a silly conversation where I told him I’d need to go now because It always took hours for me to make my self look beautiful (He of course complimented me and told me I was always beautiful and , at the time, I was unable to accept the compliment.) Matt wrote me this song. We were just friend back then mind you, but it stirred something in me that has never gone away.


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