When a mouse is on your amplifier…

I have a big bowl!!! You're dooomed! Doomed i tells ya!

In the gloomy light of morning, before you’ve managed to open the blinds and let in the light, you see a small shape standing on the amplifier (just dying to rock out!).  It hears you before you even have time to acknowledge it’s a mouse and has scampered off into the darkness. Matt The mouse warrior , was applying sun screen his war paint in the other room and so it took him a little longer than usual to respond to my cries of “MOUSIE! MOUSIE ON YOUR AMP!”

By the time he had responded he was too late to locate the mouse with ease.  Using his eyes well honed  mouse hunting skills he located him behind his banjo!  After creating a pen out of guitar cases that the assailant could not penetrate he attempted to capture him with a large mixing bowl.  The assailant found a small gap and managed to wriggle free and behind the sofa.

What resulted was all out war.  Sofas were disassembled, cushions flung first onto the floor and then to the safety of bed.  In the end, after 3 near misses, it was the Katmandu head torch which helped him win the day.  Shinning it in the assailants eyes as he crouched behind the TV cabinet dazzled him suffieciently that he walked straight into the clever trap lain by the mouse warrior.

Don't mess with me!!! Moah ha ha!

In the end he was victorious!

Unfortunately, there are more mice than the mouse warrior can control.  After taking the lid off the compost bin yesterday and being greeted with several mice’s heads appearing through holes we have called in the pest control people who finally came today.  Alas, the micies will be no more soon.  And if that doesn’t work the kitties (who are indeed the true mice warriors) will arrive a week tommorrow to conquer the world!


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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Yay to the Mouse Warrior!

  2. kitt 10 years ago

    more sausages then matthew

  3. Ann 10 years ago

    Ironing??!! I thought you went to Australia to get away from ironing. Also thanks for the cat box, looking forward to a bit of cat sitting at half-term.


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