Where have you been?

I’ve been very busy.  Too busy to write actual posts for this blog.  I’ve been busy re-writing the theme from scratch so that it’s a bit more me 🙂  I hope you like it?  It has meant that I haven’t been able to add any actual content to its pages for weeks though.  I’ve been really busy writing content for CEGSA.  I’m pretty much the only one who does at the moment and I’m so desperate for that site to be a success that I’m constantly adding content…  To the detriment of Teacher Technologies and this blog unfortunately.  I ought to re-think that really!

So, apart from being a slave to WordPress I’m sure you might quite like to know what i’ve been up to for the last month?

This is where I work!

If you follow me on Facebook / Twitter then you will probably know that I have finally started my new job at Flinders University. I am now classed as “academic staff” – scary!. I have my own office, with my name on the door! I work on in a beautiful, brand new building which has green policies like no bins in any rooms.  Instead there are three recycling options : organic waste (tea bags, scraps etc), paper based waste and dry waste.  The staff room is a big glass cube with 360 degrees of the sea and there’s a big old lake at the back of the building full of native trees and their inhabitants – a variety of crazy coloured birds.  It’s lovely really.

Here’s a tour…

My  official role is as an ICTPO (If you say it in a certain voice it does sound like a new tele-tubby), Information Communication Technology Pedagogical Officer for the Teaching Teachers for the Future (TTF) project. I’m working with the lecturers at the university and with a whole heap of national organisations to help look at the ways in which teachers are trained at university.

Australia has recently had new professional standards introduced, their first National Curriculum is about to walk over the horizon and of course, there’s the age-old problem of technology being used for the sake of looking cool rather than education.  I’m looking in to how the units that the students get taught are equipping the teachers of tomorrow.  Can they meet the professional standards for graduate teachers? Will they have  enough opportunity to explore the subject knowledge required to cover the ACARA in schools and are they able to use technology in conjunction with their pedagogical and academic skills and knowledge?  The technology part is the real grabbing point for me.

I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at the new Curriculum, the new standards and this years units of work.  Mapping them out.  It’s like I’m back in England planning a long-term scheme of work again.  It’s all very interesting doing that in an entirely new culture.  A university is  a very different place to a school and it’s very interesting. I’m having to apply all the things Collette taught be about reading people as fast as I can so I can get things sorted as fast as is needed 🙂  I know I have a lot to offer but without a Dr. in front of my name I think I’m going to have to work harder to prove that I do… and then get that Dr. in front of my name!

Working in the University, researching, spending time in libraries reading papers… it’s great!  I loved all that when I was uni and I’d forgotten that I wanted to be Dr Clarke one day (English Literature was my thing then… Shakespeare in fact). Now I think I’d like to see if there are any opportunities to get the knowledge I have in my brain into papers that can go towards my masters and doctorate.  I think I might even owe it to myself to challenge myself in that way again.  I know I love researching and implementing new technologies and I’m always hungry for more! 🙂

EPIC FAIL! - How much damage would this do!!!?

On the subject of publications… I’m afraid I my book won’t be ready next month as planned.  In fact, I’m not sure when it will be.  It might be that Matt and I design and produce it as an E-book first.  Unfortunately, XLIBRIS are a joke.  They’ve really let me down.  Mostly caused by the fact that despite having a contract with an office in Sydney, everyone I deal with is from the Philipines and are struggling to understand what I’m saying … add in the fact that what I’ve written is very specialised and you end up with a front cover with an old man and an overhead projector showing maths equations and marketing copy which informs the buying public that my book is about developing “interpersonal skills” and comes with Activ Inspire… no… no… NO!

Of course, they don’t want to give me money back either which means that we’re going through the office of fair trading etc to try to retrieve almost $3,000 *sigh* until I get my money back I can’t afford to get it published though someone more sensible.  I WILL get it out there somehow though! I WILL!

Anyway! I reckon that’s quite enough for you to read for now!  How you all doing?



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  1. Terena 8 years ago

    well done ….like the new look. I am very proud of you you have come a long way in a very short time. Good on you well done.

  2. Terena 8 years ago

    What a shame about your book I don’t mind shouting at them to get your money back! They didn’t deliver they should refund your money in full.


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