Winter-Spring (no NOT the WOW town)

It’s lovely and sunny outside again 🙂 Yay! I love that a South Australian winter feels more like a UK Spring. I’ve spent the whole of my life thus far being told that everything goes to sleep in the winter. I’ve been bombared with the science and the myth of all things winter. Now I need to unlearn that. Here in SA it would seem that everything wakes up in the winter. The grass never stops growing, the plants are thriving and it’s so green and beautiful outiside. All except for the trees. They, instead, are turning beautiful shades of red and yellow and insist on sprinkling my car with pretty falling leaves as I drive past. It really is lovely out there.

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  1. Mrs H 10 years ago

    The whole Southern Hemisphere season thing is fascinating to experience: two summers (or 2 winters!!) in one year is strange. A hot Christmas is a great idea though but Easter not in Spring is odd – we are programmed to associate it with Spring although there’s no basis in the Bible!!


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