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Neighbours started its big change tonight and CRIKEY! what an episode! They’ve also re-done the webiste and you can watch tonight’s episode on it… Well I can but I’m in Oz. Give it a go though and see..

The theme is different, a new family arrived and a huge accident happened in the end involving a mini-bus (which I am convinced was the plain white mini bus they use on the tour) and a truck. The mini bus had most of the neighborus cast within it – with the exception of Harold, Genae and the bride and groom (Rosie and Friaser) – Carl, susan and the rest of that gang are away at the moment so they were missed out too. It looked and felt very different that’s for sure and it was probably the shake up it needed. The BBC might well have made a bit of an error.

Just incase you can’t see the video’s on the webiste here’s a copy of the spoiler and the new credits… Some of this happened tonight but most of it is still to come. Someone must have screen captured it though as the quality’s not that great.. Anyway.. Enjoy!

Ooh yeah and forget Bouncer… a new pet arrived too “pouch” can you guess what he is yet?

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  1. barkfoot 12 years ago

    Hi, noticed on your post of Oct 22nd 2006 you mentioned the ‘Woodward-Clarke’ family. I thought we were the only Woodward- Clarkes around. My dad is researching the family history at the moment and would love to here from any of the clan. He is available on rayw-c@tiscali.co.uk
    Hope to here from you…


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