Ya Azizi Dunk…

Take it easy! Ya Azizi

I’ve pinched this one off Facebook. THE SMILE! with a comment under it from the man himself saying “Who’s that handsome man with the gorgeous beard?”

Sometimes life shocks you in a way that leaves you stunned and quiet.

A very old friend of mine died at a very young age almost a week ago and so far I haven’t been able to say too much.  Nothing I had to say seemed to even come close to trying to express how I felt about either the situation or him.  Noj did better. He wrote a lovely post about how he’ll remember our mutual friend.

Dunk never let himself get bogged down in it all.. he always focused on what he had now and all the good things that had already happened.  So, inspired by him, instead of focusing on what I don’t / won’t have in my life anymore, just like Noj, I’m going to focus on all the things I had.  Because my life really is a much happier place because Dunk was around.  Let me share a few things with you…

They say that if you smile the whole world will smile with you. Dunk really was the guy with the biggest, cheekiest smile that really did give you no option to grin back – no matter what mood you were in.  A smile that was warm and welcoming.  At school,He was the “cool” dude and I was the over emotional one. When I was doing my A levels and being my usual stress head self he taught me the phrase Take it Easy Ya Azizi –  I think it was Arabic? Who knows but it cropped up a fair bit and was a funny little phrase we’ve repeated at each other over the years to ease tension or worry.

At The Star and Garter, redditch

Dunk, Ross, Noj and Ant at the pub

Take it easy! Ya Azizi

Sixth form madness

In my leavers book from St Augustines he told me  to “remember not to take things too seriously” and then later, probably after a pint at the “Star and Garter” (now a very fetching block of flats) wrote “You love it you slag!” in the corner in big blue pen.  Apparently, that was a phrase he wanted us to remember for ever!! LOL.  “stoopid dunk”  Level Headed with a little bit of mad enthusiasm and craziness on the side!

Cadbury World

Kel and Ant try to be the grown ups whilst Dunk's being told off and Mark stifles the horror! The Horror of being forced to be on the Cabra right

His lust for life with a little bit of craziness in it was always very obvious. When, one grey and boring Bank Holiday Monday, we decided to go to Cadbury World, Dunk not only got AS excited as me about the new Cabra ride,, he got over excited and just HAD to touch one.   Resulting in a stern voice shouting “Would the gentleman please keep his hand inside the car!”  (he was 26!) I still have this picture on my wall today!  Fun, fun , fun.

Reaching out of things was nothing compared to his love for jumping into and out of things.  He took me up in a plane once.  It was a mini with wings really.  I never would jump out of one though.  Despite all of his “encouragement” to do so.

He did used to be a bit scared of scuba diving.  We did a deal (i thought I’d be safe) that I would jump out of an airplane if he did a scuba dive.  When he moved to Egypt (and subsequently met the lovely Nini) he did go for a dive.  Then he got all of his diving qualifications.  All of them – night, wreck the works. I’m still at the “first dive” stage . That’s just the way he did things.  He never did anything by halves.  Every thing was done properly and every moment lived to the full.

He didn’t even stop when he was asleep.  I can remember one time (shortly after he broke his leg after trying Rugby) I called him at uni and had an almost coherent conversation with him.  Until the conversation didn’t make sense anymore and I realised he wasn’t actually responding to me… He was asleep, had answered the phone and was chatting away to someone in a dream.   We teased him about that for a while.

The thing with Dunk was that he never let fear get in the way.  He was a very clever man , as we all know, and standing back and watching him, I think he really loved a challenge. If it felt a little uncomfortable or scary and it was safe enough (after thorough research usually 😉  ) then he’d do it anyway.  That’s something massive I’ve learnt from my friend.  He has inspired me in so many ways to just relax and see what happens. It might be awesome! Moving outside of your comfort zone really is a good thing.  It pushes you to be better and learn more.

Thank you Dunk.  Thank you for being your fabulous self I will miss you.  Take it easy ya azizi!

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  1. Ann and Jeremy 9 years ago

    So sorry to hear about Dunk, he was a fun guy.

  2. Mummy Cow 9 years ago

    What a lovely tribute Sel. So sorry for you and all Dunk’s friends.


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