You’ll be homeless in 3 days? Can you wait an extra 7?

Matt queen of the Desert

Matt, Queen of the Desert

Judging by the pictures here of the beach and the sunshine it might be hard to imagine that any kind of stress is possible in this kind of environment.  It’s true, it’s hot and sunny (30 degrees today), the beach is 100 yards away, there are ice-creams around the corner and I, unlike you poor buggers, didn’t have to return to work today.

When I was in England and was being asked why it was I wanted to move out here I’d often talk about the laid back Aussies who didn’t let much phase them and did things in time to the beat of their own drum and no-ones else’s.  Of course, that is appealing and I can’t wait to slow down the beat of my own drum so that it makes a loud “BONG” in time with theirs.  However, today has been really rather stressful as we try and sort out some rental accommodation.

We have to leave this cabin on Thursday.  It’s costing us £400 a week to stay here (A lot of wonga really). Although, to be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced we would be able to land, find and move into a house before the 7th Jan it is amusing how the estate agents we are contacting seem impervious to the urgency of our case!  The first “open house” (or viewing) for a property we really like isn’t even until Thursday 7th!  Even though we enquired about it at the weekend. Unlike in the U.K. where they would have organised an appointment that day or maybe the next at the latest we have to wait 4 days before we can even get through the door!  LMAO.   It seems to be the same with most of the properties that we have an interest in.

So we couldn’t avoid extending our stay in the caravan park or the further £400 quid we’ll have to pay for that pleasure.

And relax...

We walk down to the reception to find that actually… they don’t really have any availability.  Neither does the park near where we used to live (they can fit us in Sunday onwards but well need to find other accommodation for the days in between).  The stress begins again! lol.  Where will we live until we can be allowed to enter a property?  In the end we did manage to find another cabin in another park ( one near the city).  Phew.  But today hasn’t really been fun to be honest.

We did cheer ourselves up with a walk on the beach and a dip in the sea though… and that seems to make a huge difference.  Then, of course, Matt treated himself to some Moussaka from his favourite Greek restaurant! 😉 ah there’s always food!!! lol


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